The Klitschko Expo project, established by the Klitschko brothers' official fan club, is designed to serve these purposes: promoting sports and healthy lifestyles, motivating a younger generation to realize their goals, and educate an emerging healthy generation with the right life values.

About the project

The main areas of work for the Klitschko Expo:

- Sports;
- Science;
- Art;
- Education;
- Self-development;
- Life style.

Our advantages

The Klitschko Expo is a logical continuation of another project of the fan club - the museum of the achievements of the Klitschko brothers.

Due to its location in the very center of Kiev with excellent access to transportation, the Klitschko Expo is the best place for holding press conferences, online conferences, auctions, exhibitions, seminars, meetings of heroes with fans, joint viewing of sports events, etc.

Hall Specifications

330 m²
50-200 people
610 m²
Dining terrace
Parking places
Projectors, screens
Sound system
Lighting system
Plasma screens


Visitors to the Klitschko Expo have the opportunity to see an exposition of the Memorabilia of Alexander Krylov, in which rare objects commemorating great events and famous people are presented in specially designed displays cases, pictures, presentation windows, and installations.

Sport awards

Celebrity Autographs

Rock legends


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